Fond Farewell CD Our sixth and final CD!!

This album has our usual mix of traditional songs and new songs composed by Barrie. There are six new songs from Barrie on here! We also include songs and words by other writers that we hold in high regard and very much admire. All these songs and original arrangements we have put together have never been recorded before, but we have been singing them for quite a while. Some songs have been requested for inclusion by others. We hope you like them too!

The album track titles are:

  1. The White Hare (Trad)
  2. Charming Molly (Trad)
  3. Bonny Labouring Boy (Trad)
  4. Jimmy Cook (Barrie Temple)
  5. I Wish The Wars Were Well Over (Trad)
  6. The River Lea (Trad)
  7. Round the Seasons Go (Barrie Temple)
  8. Hands Of A Working Man (Barrie Temple)
  9. Cannily Cannily (Ewan MacColl) Fond Farewell CD
  10. King Of The Whaling Ground (Barrie Temple)
  11. Strange Lover Is A Coalmine (Ed Pickford)
  12. The Unquiet Grave (Trad)
  13. Keelmen And Colliers (Barrie Temple)
  14. Nodding At The Wall (Fred Dobson / Barrie Temple)
  15. Fond Farewell (Barrie Temple)