King of the River CD

The Life & Times of the Keelman on the River Tyne

This CD is a presentation through songs and stories of the life & times of the keelmen who worked for hundreds of years carrying coal down the river Tyne. It was released in 2005 and contains several original songs by Barrie.

The album titles are:

  1. The Keel Row
  2. King Of The River *
  3. Water Of Tyne
  4. The Good Tyne *
  5. Carrying Coals Down The River
  6. The New Keel Row
  7. The Sandgate Girl’s Lamentation
  8. My Bonny Lad / Sit By The River
  9. Captain Bover *
  10. Bonny Keel Laddie
  11. High & Dry * King of the River CD
  12. The Keelman’s Farewell *
* Songs written by Barrie.